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Criminal Justice Academy

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In the Criminal Justice program students will learn various elements of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, forensics, and law. The students will be introduced to academic and practical applications of police operations and procedures, investigations and forensic science, and legal systems. The program includes a combination of academic studies, research projects and hands-on skill development

Defensive Tactics - Resisting Arrest

The Criminal Justice Academy prepares students for a career in law enforcement, judicial courts, corrections, crime scene forensics, and 911 Telecommunications. The Criminal Justice Academy is aligned with History courses to allow for interdisciplinary lessons related to crime and punishment throughout history, and Constitutional updates. Project Based Learning is used to teach Police Procedures; Crime Scene Investigation; Evidence Collection and Processing; 911 Operator Responsibilities; Building, Vehicle, Property Searches; Mock Courts; Correctional Facilities Design; and Defensive Tactics.


Students learn CPR

Resisting Arrest

Students practice safely taking down a suspect.

Project Based Learning

Criminal Justice is a Project Based Learning Academy.

Take Down Procedures

Students learn proper take down procedures.

NSBH Police Car

NSBH has their own police car for practicing.

Cuffing a Suspect

Cuffing and arresting a suspect.



  • Criminal Justice Operations I

  • Criminal Justice Operations II

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • 911 Telecommunicator



  • 911 Telecommunications Operator
  • Adult and Infant CPR


Mark Fletcher

Nicki Diffin

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