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Game and Simulation

In the Game and Simulation program students will participate in a variety of software development roles across the game programming life cycle. The program provides an overview in gaming math and physics, programming fundamentals, game design, art and graphics programming, and simulation and engine game design.

Working Together

Students help each other solve problems.

Certification Wall of Fame

Industry Certification is a big part of our program.

Universal Studios Trip

3 certifications earn students a trip to Universal Studios Orlando.

Gaming Challenge

Challenging each other at Game Club.


Year 1  Foundations

First year students receive an introduction to programming through a variety of gamming software. Ultimately they work in Game Maker Studio 2 to create an individual project for 4th quarter.

Year 2  Design

Second year students delve deeper into game design using StoryBoard Pro and RPG Maker MV to create their individual project for 4th quarter.

Year 3  Programming (Honors)

Third year students expand their understanding of game programming using Unity to create their individual project.

Year 4  Independent Study (by approval)





Isaac Bernard