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Community Service




1)     All students must view the Power Point Presentation Training Guide and complete the Post-Test *PRIOR* to starting their community service.

The power point provides general guidelines on volunteering, tips to find a volunteer placement, and the necessary paperwork to document their service hours for the school.  Once the Post Test is complete, it can be turned in to Mrs. Ursini in the school counseling office.


2)     Complete the Youth Partnership Program Agreement


This form should be completed by the student, parent, and agency PRIOR to the volunteer service.  The completed agreement form should be submitted to your YPP Coordinator (Mrs. Ursini) for approval prior to completing the service hours.  This process eliminates the possibility of a student proceeding with service that would not fall under the school's requirements as volunteerism.


3)     The Youth Partnership Program Sign-In Sheet


This form is used by the student to document their volunteer service, and signed by the volunteer site designee. This form should be filled out completely, including itemized hours for each day of service. All hours logged must be itemized for each day and signed by the student, parent, and volunteer site representative. Please note for SPORTS: students must log each practice and game. We cannot accept estimated hours at the end of the season or school year. It is the responsibility of the athlete to log all practice hours throughout the season as they are completed.


4)     The Volunteer Experience Form (Senior year only)

The volunteer experience form is to be completed only once by exiting seniors to provide an opportunity for the student to reflect on their volunteer experience. This form should be turned in by April 1- Senior year.



Other Documents Available on Request:

  1. The Youth Partnership Program Student/Parent Guidelines handbook, which explains the program's purpose, requirements, objectives, and student responsibilities.
  2. List of examples of approved activities.



 The student must view the Power Point Presentation/ YPP Volunteer Training to obtain the information referenced above. Documentation can be obtained in the school counseling office. Students may also receive additional training/orientation from the recipient volunteer agency or organization.  It is important the student understands their job role and ask questions for clarification. If a student is asked to do anything which makes them feel uncomfortable, they should report this to their parent/guardian, school YPP coordinator, or another trusted adult. All paperwork should be submitted to Mrs. Ursini in the school counseling office, or emailed to




Bright Futures:
    - Florida Academic Scholar: 100 hours
    - Florida Medallion Scholar: 75 hours
    - Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholar: 30 hours

Distinguished Scholar Diploma: 100 hours

Walking in White: 75 hours

Community Service - Powerpoint Presentation


Please view the powerpoint and then complete and turn in the post test for earning your community service hours. The powerpoint will provide essential information to gain the one hour training prior to receiving credit for volunteer hours.


Community Service - Post Test

Community Service Test.pdf

Only attempt this after viewing the community service powerpoint. After viewing, complete and print out this post-test to the best of your ability, and submit it to Ms. Ursini in the School Counseling office.

If you score a 80% or higher, you become eligible for volunteer hours. If you cannot print the test, visit Ms. Ursini in the school counseling office and she will provide you with a hard copy.

Youth Partnership Program (Community Services Forms)

Please email completed forms to: