On Thursday, November 8th, some area veterans came in to speak to the students here at New Smyrna Beach High School. They spoke on topics such as: what did you like most about being in the military, what is the hardest part of returning to civilian life, what job did you do in the service, if you could do it over again-would you still join the service, how did the soldiers entertain themselves, and they talked about their most memorable experiences; these are just some of the questions that the veterans answered. They were here all day speaking to the students.

Veteran’s Day this year commemorates 100 years since the ending of WWI. We are very fortunate to have these veterans take time out of their schedules to come in and share their stories from their experiences in the military.

The veterans in the pictures below are left to right: Andrew Fisher, E-5, Army, Iraq; Michael Thomas, E-6, Air Force, Vietnam; Michael Merritt, E-9, Marines, Vietnam and Ruth Myers, E-6, Cold War, Berlin; Sherri Picard, E-5, Army, Iraq. Not pictured but participated are Darin Kent, E-5, Navy, Iraq, Syria, Iran; George Schram, E-6, Navy, Vietnam; Gary Cicinitti, E-5, Army, Vietnam; Morgan Lowe, E-4, Army; Ken Martin, Colonel, Army, Vietnam; Christopher Phelps, Colonel, Marines, Iraq.